1. To promote the provision of genuine psychosocial rehabilitation, empowerment and capacity building programs that will enhance human values in the Liberian society and the world at large;

2. To bring relief to survivors of trauma and torture as well as GBV so as to enable them to effectively function in their communities.

3. To conduct psychosocial related research in the different strata of the country such that those impediments that hinder development can be identified and effective mechanisms be derived to propel the viability of the country;

4. To provide periodic training for our counselors as they in return conduct variety of counseling, and other mental health services for both targeted women and men of all age groups in Liberia.

5. To stimulate and initiate community participatory sensitization on civil responsibility and psychosocial matters and underscore the importance of gender mainstreaming as it relates to state building, peaceful co-existence and mental health.


Sunday, 11th April 2021