The Liberia Association of Psychosocial Services (LAPS) is a Liberian non-governmental organization, established in August 2007 and is dedicated to bring relief to survivors of trauma, torture and gender-based violence (GBV) of all age groups, so as to enable them effectively function in their communities.

LAPS strives to achieve this goal through a wide range of activities, including trauma recovery and mental health care, associated psychosocial activities, training of community members and leaders as well as partner organizations and agencies, and continuing capacity building of its own psychosocial counselors.

LAPS works in five counties of Liberia and has 44 employees.

LAPS has the following projects

  • Mercy Corps project “Prosepects Phychosocial Program”. LAPS is in charge of managing three subprojects in this project in Montserrado County, Grand Bassa County, and Bong County
  • “The Community Healing Project”, funded by DIGNITY in Lofa County
  • “Prevention of Urban Violence”, funded by DIGNITY in Montserrado
  • “LAPS/UNFVT Former TRC & current Clients' medical and Psychosocial Support Follow-up Project”, funded by UNVFVT in Gbarpolu
  • Laluz “Female Victims of Sexual Violence and Torture Project” through IRCT and effectuated in collaboration with the Gender Ministry.


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